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Spring Update: Filipinos in Liverpool (Part 4)

The Delacruz Family from the Philippines was counted/exposed in 1881 Brit Census. I have been trying to track down what happen to them and the other Filipino sailors in Liverpool. Last year, Anita Weldon provided me with this information from the 1891 UK census. Francis Albert Delacruz, the first son of Eustaquio had moved for Frederick St to Booth. Joining him were his sisters Josephina, Paulina, Ivana and Francesca.

Dwelling:   46 Breeze Hill
Census Place:   Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Name Rel Age Occ Birthplace
F de la Cruz son 25 Shipping Agent Lancashire Liverpool
Josephina de la Cruz  dau 17 Dressmaker Lancashire Liverpool
Paulina dau 9 Scholar Lancashire Liverpool
Ivana or Irena dau 7 Scholar Lancashire Liverpool
Francesca dau 6 Scholar Lancashire Liverpool
Maria Cajco or Cayco visitor 40 Hotel Keeper Scotland
Feliciana Cajco or Cayco visitor 20 Dressmaker London
Maggie Fiesta visitor 19 Dressmaker Scotland
John Paison servant 55 (looks like printer) Holland
Mary Ann Kelly servant 46 Dressmaker Cheshire Neston
Lucian/Luciano? Rodriquez servant 42 Agricultural labourer Spain
Patrick Cain servant 55 Gardens labourer Ireland
Maggie Barnes visitor 7 Scholar Scotland

Note that the dwelling must be also used for boarding houses as their were names listed as visitors. The visitors, Maria Cayco and her daughter Feliciana would be revealed later.

Recently, I received these emails from Bill Bryce.

Have just read an article on your site on the DelaCruz family in Liverpool. I think I may be related to this family as my father lived with his cousin, Maria Feliciana DelaCruz, and her husband, Francis, in Liverpool at 43 Duke St. during the early 1900's.

Hello from British Columbia, Canada! Thanks for your email. I'm still Not quite sure how we fit into the Dela Cruz clan but there must be some connection. My father, William Bryce lived with his cousin, Maria Feliciana Dela Cruz, in Liverpool in the early 1900's. Her husband's name was Francis, and I believe he was born in Manilla, Phillipines. He had been a mariner (possibly a ship's steward) and later a publican in Liverpool. This would have been around 1910-1922. Later, after the death of her husband, she moved to Greenock, Scotland, and died there during the Second World War in a German bombing raid. That's about all I know for now. I'll let you know if anything further develops.

I found your site via GOOGLE by typing in "DelaCruz, Liverpool"

All the best for now and thanks again,
Bill Bryce

...Maria Felicana Cuyco (Cayco or Quaco) married Francis Albert DelaCruz between 1895 and 1904 and there were no children. He apparently was a mariner in his younger years (steward) and later a publican. She was born in London Middlesex, Eng. in 1869. Her father was Panteleon Cuyco of Manilla, Phillipines, and her mother was Mary Barron of Greenock, Scotland. Mary was the older sister of our grandmother, Margaret Barron.

William Bryce, our father, lived with his older cousin, Maria Feliciana, in Liverpool from the time he was seven (1904) to adulthood and again after military service in WW1 until he married our mother, Kathleen Fearon, in 1929. The DelaCruz's address in Liverpool was 43 Duke St. William attended a Catholic school in the area run by either the Jesuits or the Christian Brothers.

Francis and Maria Feliciana owned a pub called the "Belvedere" and our Dad was in sole charge for a time in July, 1921 when the owners went on holiday to the Isle of Man. He would then be about 24 and Maria Feliciana would be about 50

Our father later became a mariner, and on one of his voyages, visited two cousins (second cousins?) in New York or California. Their picture was on our mantlpiece in greenock for several years but was lost when we emigrated to Canada in 1947. I believe one of the cousins was called Carlotta.

My sister, Kay, also has a prayer book of an Anastasia DelaCruz. Entered is the date, 6th June 1901 and a souvenir prayer card of St. Peter, Seel St., Liverpool. A Father Berry Sunday is also enclosed.

I think that's it except that we think that Francis Albert died between 1929 and 1937. He is in the photograph of my parents wedding. We also have some photos of Maria when she was younger. Can you tell me what is the Gore's Directory and whereI might find it? Any other advice you can give would be most appreciated. Also, I am attempting to research my father's WW1 service but there are several William Bryce's listed on the medal roles. I was very interested to note your comment about British Army custom of sending RC's to Irish units. This may help locate him.

Once again, thank you for your response.
Best Regards,

PS I know what you mean about the various spellings of names!

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